Ventus Weather Map Widget & Shortcode – v1.1 released!

21 Feb 2020 (Updated 14 May 2022) Tags: ,

My WordPress plugin for the widget was updated today, adding the following features and changes:

  • Re-named plugin from ‘Weather Map Widget’ to ‘Ventus – Weather Map Widget & Shortcode’.
  • Added new shortcode alias ventus (the old shortcode weather-map has been maintained for backwards-compatibility).
  • Added four new layers to select from: CO Concentration (cosc), Sea Temperature (sst), Snow Cover (snowcover) and Waves (waves).
  • Added general translation support and a French translation.
  • Added ability to choose from the following wind measurement units: beaufort (bft), kilometers per hour (km/h), knots (kt), meters per second (m/s) and miles per hour (mph).
  • Added ability to show/hide the map marker.
  • Added ability to show/hide to show hide pressure isolines.
  • Re-factored code (classes, package names, text domain etc) to reflect new plugin name.

It’s free to download from the official WordPress repository.

8 thoughts on “Ventus Weather Map Widget & Shortcode – v1.1 released!

  1. I cant seem to get this synced with Springfield Illinois. I’m at 39.7676N and 89.6807W. I tried entering these numbers and end up in mongolia or china.

  2. Hi,
    Is there a way to show Radar, lightning as the default?

    Also, is there a way to have a new tab open when the icon is clicked instead of leaving our website?

    Great plugin!

    1. Hi Scott, thanks for getting in touch! Re: the opening of a new tab instead of replacing the current url, unfortunately that functionality is part of the inner widget, which I don’t control. As a workaround, you could wrap the shortcode/widget in a div with pointer events disabled, i.e. pointer-events: none. I realise that might be a bit extreme though.

      To show radar as the default, try setting the layer attribute to radar, e.g. [ventus layer="radar"]. That should do it.

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