Book Release: Generative Art with JavaScript and SVG

9 Apr 2024 Tags: , ,

Plug time! Apress have just released my book Generative Art with JavaScript and SVG. It’s something I’ve been working away at for a while now (I started it back in Sept 2022) so it’s nice to finally have something physical I can hold in my hands.

Physical Book Gen Art Js Svg

The back cover copy sums up best what it’s all about:

This book introduces you to the exciting world of generative art and creative coding through the medium of JavaScript and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). Using tried and trusted techniques, you’ll tackle core topics such as randomness and regularity, noise and naturalistic variance, shape and path creation, filter effects, animation, and interactivity.

In the process you’ll learn SvJs, a JavaScript library that closely mirrors the SVG spec and makes scripting SVG intuitive and enjoyable. You’ll also study the craft of generative art and its creative process, along with JavaScript fundamentals, using modern ES6+ syntax. Each chapter will build upon the previous one, and those completely new to programming will be given a primer to help them find their feet.

Generative Art with JavaScript and SVG will take you on a fun journey, peppered with plenty of sketches throughout, designed not only to explain, but to inspire.

You Will:

  • Structure and randomise compositions.
  • Understand the different types of randomness and their probability distributions.
  • Create organic variance with the SvJs Noise module.
  • Apply SVG filter effects in a generative fashion.
  • Explore different approaches to animating with SVG.
  • Make your compositions dynamic and interactive.

Who is it for?

Web developers, designers and creative coders with an interest in digital/generative art, as well as artists who are interested in learning to code with JavaScript.

For more, see:

The dedicated book resources page containing all interactive examples.

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